Culinary Nutrition Coaching and Cooking

Its all about the EXPERIENCE

Culinary Nutrition Crash Course

Quickie style methods that deliver great taste and health for sustained satisfaction

Delicious healthy meals that fit into your schedule

Nutrition coaching is your answer! A practical guide of understanding food and most importantly enjoying it to thrive! Learn to eat for energy and optimal body composition. Shed pounds of body fat!


Individual consulting

In recognizing that everyone is unique, Jason works with individuals on a one-on-one basis to achieve meaningful and lasting results. Each program is designed and suited to fit their unique needs and lifestyle. Services include an intro level lesson and demonstration to cooking a delicious and balanced meal. Instruction from start to finish!


Lunch and learn at home cooking experience:

Recipes (What you will learn) 

  • Introduction and entry level skills – Food prep, spice, 101, cooking methods
  • Scratch cooking – Improvisational skills
  • Kitchen Intuition
  • Smart cooking – being efficient in the kitchen – Multi-tasking
  • Toolkit and logical progression
  • Methods and systems
  • Recipe for confidence
  • Simple recipes
  • Easy Clean up – dishes and mess – Examples
  • Flavors with benefits – quick spices and sauces that can “Make” a meal
  • Good mood menu
  • Recipes that give you energy
  • Treat meals – The new “cheat meals”
  • Planning success – Making extra – Leftover remixes
  • Weekly plan

*Breakfast, lunch, and dinner options available

*Group courses available

Morning process:

  • Daily detox and cleanse to supercharge your body

“Secret to a great day is how you start it”

What to snack  on (convenience meals) :

Delicious healthy snacks that are easy to prep, pacing flavor and energy fuel

Month course (making things stick)

you will learn:

  • How to prepare meals in minimal time – faster than it takes to dial a pizza.
  • Mastering healthy habits
  • Optimize health and understand PH
  • Alternatives and substitutes for healthiest nourishing ingredients
  • Individualized menus
  • Kitchen Makeover
  • How to stock your pantry.
  • 10 simple pantry-based recipes so that you’ll always know that dinner is only a few minutes away.
  • How to organize your shopping and maximize the shelf life of fresh produce.
  • Up to 40 new healthy & delicious recipes – that will inspire and motivate you
  • The gentle art of substitution and improvisation
  • How to adapt recipes based on what’s in your fridge
  • How to customize recipes for your dietary requirements or allergies.
  • 2 cooking Demonstrations and lessons

Course schedule:

Week 1 What + how + what + why to eat + quick and easy healthy meals (Bare essentials, Superfoods, staple items)
Week 2 Mastering the art of shopping & managing fresh ingredients + using flavor and spices + Taste bud training
Week 3 Time tricks – how to cook more efficiently & effectively (eating on the go) – State of mind – Happiness and healthy habits
Week 4 Adaptation – Evolving into a full understanding of the lean lifestyle. Habits & rituals in place[Bonus Week 5 – How to stay inspired and motivated]Thrive Nutrition Experience:
  • Stress and Diet
  • High Net Gain Nutrition
  • Myth Busting
  • Alkaline vs Acid (PH balance)
  • Digestion
  • Superfoods
  • Food Sensitivities
  • Superfoods and fitness
  • Activity
  • Mental health and mindfulness
  • Rest and recovery
  • Detox and Cleanse

Mindful Cooking Course

Meal planning and prep is a time-consuming, complicated task. You must choose meals, plan a grocery list, shop and attempt to create something edible. Too often we make convenience purchases at the store or stop, once again, at a drive-thru on the way home. Unfortunately, this is hard on both our health and our budget. Active Mind and Body helps you to create customized, healthy meals for your family that will save much of the extra expense of convenience purchases. You will spend less on groceries and eating out by understanding the process

The majority of the population does NOT eat to FUEL the body for energy and efficient fat burning. Eating clean, fun, and good tasting food is realistic and it can be done but you need the tools on how to do it! Once I show you how to grocery shop, how to prepare foods and have them ready to eat in the car/office or on the run, you will drop the fat!

Teaching you how to assemble your dishes just the way you like them. Learn how and why to eat what you enjoy while benefiting your body and health.

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