Mindful Nutrition Programs

What is Mindful Nutrition?
It is a state of being aware. It is a process of observation and attention in the flow of changing stimuli and perceptions. Mindfulness is ‘in the moment’, present, engaged awareness. Mindfulness is not a passive state; we apply intention when we are mindful. I take this approach with Nutrition for the Mind and Body.

mindful nutrition is a key to mental health and combating stress. Choose alkaline-forming foods rich in Omega-3 EFAs, eat nutrient-dense, high net-gain foods for energy, avoid allergens and supplement with superfoods that support hormonal health, and you’re on your way to feeling great for life. Learn to make it taste good!

Choosing to eat food that is both pleasing to you and nourishing to your body by using all your senses to explore, savor and taste.

Salad redefined

Experience food deeply, with all your senses.


Simple changing the quality of what you eat can dramatically change your life.

What do I mean by quality? Well fist we must define Food. In my opinion nothing that is not recognized by the human ecology as a useable nutrient is not by any standards food. Food is useable nutrients that can and will be correctly and efficiently assimilated. “Foods” that have as little non-useful elements and are comprised primarily of useful nutrients are higher quality food. More fuel less junk or biologically speaking, more medicine with less side effects. Side effects being weight gain, aging, digestive de habilitation, mental fogginess, sleepiness… Therefore, learning how quality food can directly affects our body, mind and spirit is the key.

Weight is waste.

That extra weight is bad for your body in so many ways.

Hard on your joints, hard on your back, hard on your heart and circulatory systems, heart on your endocrine system.

…. Hard on your spirit .. hard on your confidence .. hard on your wardrobe


  • How certain food groups are negatively impacting how you look, feel and perform, even if you don’t immediately notice their effects
  • What you should be eating to look, feel and perform your best – and why you don’t really need to weigh and measure all your food to achieve excellent results
  • A fool-proof meal planning template to help you manage meals, snacks and pre- and post-workout nutrition (including recommendations, examples and recipes)
  • How to break unhealthy patterns, habits and cravings related to food, and change the way you eat for the rest of your life in a healthy, balanced, satisfying and sustainable manner
  • many options and specialties for allergy issues or special diets

Menu of Programs:

Individual Counseling – Personalized consultation about lifestyle, weight, body composition, diet history, eating patterns, lifestyle factors, and goals. From here we will break down history and habits to reprogram a new energetic approach and lifestyle catered to your goals.

Follow up – includes personalized diet plan, custom recipe from your preferences. Also includes meal demo.

Sports Nutrition – Eating for optimal performance. Thrive based eating to fuel your body for strength gain recovery. Proper nutrition geared towards active individual. Whether you are a yogi in training or professional athlete, we have a program for you to take your game to the next level. Learn pre and post workout nutrition to get the most out of your workouts.

Athlete mentor programs – Great for the athlete to balance out motivation and eating to get maximum results. Build confidence and and inner-game as well as outer game

Current trends in nutrition workshop – Invest a small amount of time to learn a large amount about the essential needs of the body. Learn the real science of basic nutrition, the most updated nutrition evidence to support wellness and longevity and how those principles apply to unique physical, mental and medical concerns.

Nutrition on the go – Designed for the busy individual who doesn’t have time to eat properly. Guideline for eating out, traveling, food prep, and concierge options available. From convenience meals to meal replacements. Don’t let staying busy destroy your health.

Longevity Coaching – Program designed to eat for longevity. How to implement natural foods for reversing the aging process. It is possible to grow younger. From juicing, superfoods, and antioxidants to eating for blood pressure and energy management

Similar programs for plant based nutrition, gluten free, paleo diet, and raw

Grocery Shopping tours – Personalized tours can focus on weight loss, sports nutrition, diabetes management, heart health, super foods, allergy issues, gluten free, paleo diet, and more. Learn to understand the market, what to shop for and how to use it. How to read labels, how to shop for best deals and quality. Comes with a meal demonstration. A life changing fun experience that will last forever!

Recipe and Meal-makeovers

Your Favorite recipes and ingredients customized for easy to prepare delicious meals

One Day Clean Up Personal Consultation

Designed to be relaxed, fun and informative. It will be necessary to complete a diet and lifestyle questionnaire in advance.

  • Kitchen rescue…we will go through your food cupboards and identify the nasties. Discuss suitable alternatives to them.
  • If your cupboards are empty because you do not cook we will have a tour of your nearest health food store/supermarket to stock up on basics.
  • Make a shopping list of necessary food basics and equipment if required.
  • Create a weeks menu made up of your favorite healthy foods taking into consideration time available and cooking skills.
  • Discuss your lifestyle, work and exercise program and provide workable strategies for improving energy, immune system and quality of life.
  • Preparation of a healthy meal and a discussion of your eating habits and attitude to food.
  • A one on one fitness evaluation and game plan designed for your body’s requirements.