Corporate Wellness

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Translating the science to your language with engagement

According to a new study conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, 86% of executives say improving employee health is their top reason for implementing workplace wellness programs. “Because beyond health care costs, employee health has profound impacts on productivity, retention, workplace engagement and morale.”

Choose the program(s) that work best for your company:

o ROI of Healthy Eating (Time/energy = Energy/quality of life)
o Energy & Stress Management – Nutrition System and habits of a highly effective person
o Brain Body Connection – Mood, creativity, cognitive function and your diet
o Redefining Normal – Upgrading the ingredients of life
o Making Health-building foods “Crave-able”
o The real “Why and How” to getting the most out of your food
o Activating the best within

 Corporate nutrition and wellness programs work – studies show that for every $1 spent on employee wellness, $4 in cost savings is realized!

Benefits to each individual:

Upgraded knowledge of individual nutrition
Roadmap for optimal health (actionable steps)
Sharper Brain
Higher Sustained Energy Level
More Focus And Concentration
Improved Digestion & Immune


One of my most popular Workshops, High Energy Eating offers three easy steps employees can take right now to boost their energy the healthy way! I also show employees how to sleep better and make simple food changes for overall life improvement. Employees love learning how to take control of their nutrition to have more energy, and the secret I reveal regarding why your morning ritual could be the #1 thing that is making you tired! Real-life success stories, myth-busting tips and exercises with other participants make this a high-energy Workshop

• The good, bad and ugly side of how your food choices affect your metabolism, health and longevity

• A fool-proof meal planning template to help you manage meals, snacks and pre- and post-workout nutrition (including recommendations, examples and recipes)

• Discussion of common errors – ways to get it wrong when you’re doing everything right

• How to manage Eating Good Food during many of life’s challenges, including vacations, business trips and dining out at restaurants

• And most importantly… how to break unhealthy patterns, habits and cravings related to food, and change the way you eat for the rest of your life in a healthy, balanced, satisfying and sustainable manner

Attendees also receive a folder and packet full of resources for recipes, meal planning tools and fitness

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