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JASON’S APPROACH  works like a partner, working to identify your strengths and limiting factors. Once we have established our goals and deficiencies, we then plan the custom framework for an outcome to design the “getting better” mindset. Change is stress; my ultimate strength is providing accountability that gives you the “Why-Power” to create the small wins which snowball into an upgraded lifestyle.

The advantage is in making the raw materials which we NEED (macronutrients and micronutrients) – TASTE REALLY REALLY GOOD. While becoming a natural habit.

Next Level Nutrition – Your custom game plan for longevity and optimal energy. What vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to you need in order to thrive at your highest level? This is a Type-A program built around feeling your absolute best in of every area (weight, inflammation, digestion, stress, energy, mind & body)

Mindful Nutrition Experience – Monthly program to establish simple steps for an enjoyable transition into healthier eating, food prep, herbs, spices, and weight loss. Upgrading ingredients for life. The focus here is on “Making Healthy taste GOOD”. Think of your favorite cravings and indulgences transformed with purpose driven ingredients. Do you need a road map of what, when, and how to eat for your personal goals? This is for you



Culinary Nutrition Coaching and Cooking Custom cooking or dinner experience 

Coaching & RetreatsBest-Life Coaching & Revival Retreats.

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Meal Prep TrainingAs good as it gets. Nobody does it better. It’s about pure quality.. not just convenience and macronutrients. What spices, oils, prep, storage, etc.. Clean up, storage, efficiency. 

Teen Mentor speaking
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Duncan Keith Chicago Blackhawks All Star

“Jason completely changed my relationship with food.  I feel healthier, better nourished than ever and I have lost 10 pounds – the weight keeps dropping and yet I have all this energy! Everyone should take this program – great food, great fun and life changing!” Evelyn, Los Angeles, CA

“He is my go-to for health and nutrition. His nutritional concepts have made a really big difference in the way I feel. They allow you to enjoy food that tastes great, but is also healthy and makes you feel fantastic all day long” – Scott, Scottsdale, AZ

“With the help of Jason and changing my nutrition and energy rituals has been the best thing I’ve ever done. His contagious energy and enthusiasm is one of a kind. AND I no longer suffer from bloating, abdominal cramps and other digestive issues.”  – Karen 37, Phoenix, AZ

“Thanks Jason. I must say that I feel great with all your recommendations. Eternally grateful for your help, best decision I’ve ever made! “– Mohamed Obeid, Scottsdale, AZ

“I’ve struggled with reactive hypolglycemia for years. After working with Jason I’ve been able to manage my blood sugar more easily than ever have before, I no longer am frustrated with food. My eating schedule is normal and I now have the freedom to eat when I feel hungry.”  – LeAnn Scottsdale, AZ

Everyone loved and enjoyed the dinner and all the info! Dad was super happy and didn’t feel yucky and overstuffed like he often does! Mom especially loved the texture of cauliflower rice and dad too. Mom also is raving about the salmon and how it was cooked to perfection. We’ve had private chefs in the past and we are foodies so we know delicious food! My husband really loved the food too and all the good information you gave him. “

Thanks again!

Looking forward to implementing your healthy recipes! – Stephanie, Scottsdale, AZ