Low Sugar Chocolate Power Pudding

Low sugar Chocolate Power pudding: this is super delicious! (great for breakfast, snack, or dessert)
Trust me on the ingredients!! This is low sugar, high fiber, high protein, with healthy fats to create a healthy blood sugar response. Thus keeping you satisfied while tasting like a dessert.
Consistency and sweetness is key – Add-in until you get it right. Thicker and concentrated tastes better than diluted and watered down.
Place ingredients in small blender like Nutribullet
4 oz Almond milk
½ Avocado (texture of banana with more nutrition and less sugar)
Tbsp of Coconut butter OR Nuttzo nut butter
Tbsp Chia Seed
Tbsp Cacao
Tbsp Maca
Tbsp Mesquite
Tbsp Spirulina
½ Scoop Chocolate Pea Protein by Nutra summa
Tsp Lucuma (natural sweetener)
Sprinkle of xylitol (natural sweetener)
3 Ice Cubes
Add a little extra sweetness if needed for your taste. Great for a low carb day to keep energy up while keeping satisfaction sustained.