Coffee and breakfast together at the same time? Yes. There is a big buzz around adding MCT’s (medium chain triglycerides) to your coffee for the claim that it benefits cognitive performance as well as providing an energy kick without the sugar. With a little experimentation in the kitchen, I’ve perfected […]

Bulletproof Mocha Pancakes

Turmeric is a popular spice for cooking, but it has a long history of medicinal uses, too. It is one of the most researched natural remedies available and there are numerous studies validating its healing properties. Turmeric provides a wide variety of benefits, but there are seven standouts. Once you […]

8 Great Benefits of Liquid Gold – Take a shot ...

Sneaking in some quick sweat sessions pays off in dividends   Dedicate a few minutes to smart and intense training Work smart and work hard. You’re not on vacation to workout at a gym. Most of the time when you are traveling, working out is a pretty low priority. This is […]

Staying lean and healthy while traveling – Part Two: No ...

Travel happens. It can be fun, stressful, or relaxing. It doesn’t need to be an excuse for letting your health and lifestyle suffer. Since I find myself traveling on a regular basis, I can relate. At times this can be challenging to find healthy markets and food choices – I […]

Staying lean and healthy while traveling – Part One

Flavor with purpose… This started years ago with me needing to increase my amino acids with the urge to grow through adolescence. My childhood doctor said that I would not grow as big as my older brother without the raw materials that I needed. The good news is that Protein […]

Functional Foods – 6 Easy & delicious recipes with Protein ...

UPGRADE YOUR ENERGY! PDF from workshop:   EnergyMngmnt_PDF (download)       Game Plan (download)   Some of my favorite healthy energy elevators:   Cacao (Stress reliever and feel-good enhancer) Depriving yourself of that which you love will not help with stress or energy. I find away to sneak in Chocolate occasionally […]

Increase Your Energy Resources

Stop eating food that that sucks. Being healthy does not require deprivation and you shouldn’t need to drain your will-power either. Eat sexy food. Eat food that makes you feel sexy. Preserve the sexy. Expect a slight learning curve; but know that it’s well worth it. Put this in action: […]

Stop eating food that that sucks

Here is a little trick that I use to make healthy eating tasty and easy. Sometimes I don’t know what I want to eat… Sometimes I really don’t have that much time. When I’m traveling or on the go, I try and plan ahead or at least have some options. […]

Choose your own (tasty healthy) adventure

The Art of the Salad – 3 STEPS TO MAKE HEALTHY TASTE GOOD. FAST. Are you looking for something that provides your with instant gratification while keeping you satisfied long term?? Look no further; Vegetables are your answer. Let’s focus on what we DO KNOW and can ALL agree on: Vegetables and plant […]

Redefine salad to upgrade your health

There is a big mix of people that are missing out on optimal results from poor nutrition along with people who waste time obsessing with this topic. Here is a more simplified approach to eating based on your demand. “food is more than fuel, food is information. This information gives direction to […]

Simple road map for nutrition pre and post workout