Motovational Mojo

Stress weight, cortisol and digestion: Stress is killing us! Accumulation of daily life stress (chronic stress) often causes functional gastrointestinal diseases. This is why it’s most common to aggravate an auto-immune condition during times of stress (school, exams, workload, pressure, etc..) Learn to calm yourself by lowering cortisol with social […]

How Stressing is messing with your gut

Don’t worry BE HAPPY. Positive brains have a biological advantage thus reducing stress and boosting productivity. When we are happier, we are smarter and more motivated and therefore more likely to work towards our goals. Happiness shouldn’t be a distant reward. Success orbits around happiness – not the other way around. It […]

Recipe to Happiness – 9 Simple ingredients

Diets don’t work. The motive or “why” is not strong enough to keep us motivated. You need to determine a big enough “why”. You have to understand why you want to do this.  “We need a plan to raise our standards with a destination, and a map.” 10 Steps to […]

Recipe to motivation