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UPGRADE YOUR ENERGY! PDF from workshop:   EnergyMngmnt_PDF (download)       Game Plan (download)   Some of my favorite healthy energy elevators:   Cacao (Stress reliever and feel-good enhancer) Depriving yourself of that which you love will not help with stress or energy. I find away to sneak in Chocolate occasionally […]

Increase Your Energy Resources

WELCOME TO THE CLUBZ The Clubz Fitness Program is a phenomenal new way of turning your body into a fat-torching, muscle sculpting machine. The secret is efficiency; finding a functional fitness program that works your body hard, but does it in just minutes a day. The Clubz Program delivers that […]

Clubz Fitness

Let’s get primal! Follow me through an Amenzone primal training class; a high energy nitty-gritty workout using body-weight, tires, pull-up bars, and intensity.  Located right outside your comfort zone in Scottsdale, Amenzone is like no other gym I have ever experienced. One hour of pure energy utilizing a “back to […]

Primal Training at AmenZone