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Jason Sani is lifestyle coach and Health Activist.

Raised in the northwest to a hippy family who planted the seed that he was special. He set out on his journey with a love for nature, sweat, and smiles.

The pursuit of traditional education in nutrition took Jason to the valley of the sun in Arizona where his definition of success was on a roller coaster track. His curious approach to life led him to a new path of fulfillment where happiness is associated with contribution.

In the last 5 years, Jason has published a book titled Making Healthy Taste Good, started a couple of businesses and currently spends a most of his time outside and by the water where he facilitates retreats disguised as big-kid adventure camps… teaching others to express their own special.

Jason Sani is the Author of Making Healthy Taste Good. As a licensed nutritionist and trainer, Jason’s background and apprenticeship come from coaching high-level executives, physicians, professional athletes, families and your every day individual helping people reach their potential by creating a better mindset around behavior, nutrition, and wellness. His origin story is his biggest success and inspiration to share. As many can relate he grew up with food stamps sleeping on a couch for multiple years without a significant father figure.

Early education for Jason came through the school of hard knocks and being forced to adapt, empathize and think quick. Learning from positive mentors, he grew an early fascination for personal growth and development. By the time he was 19, he started his entrepreneurial journey that redefined his definition of success. By 30, he has started 3 successful businesses, traveled the world and started his own mission of mentoring others.

Jason has founded Clubz Fitness, Active Mind & Body and consulted for some of the top food and nutraceutical companies in the United States. His work has been featured on Fox, SpikeTV, Buzzfeed, and many digital publications. His true passion always has come from helping others eliminate excuses and actualize their potential.


From workshops and lectures to television shows, Jason uses flavor and purpose driven ingredients to deliver his message of living at the highest level. Nutrition is an individual game and health has a different meaning to everyone. Learning basic principles and how to become self-aware is the first step to mastering your own nutrition. Jason provides tools on how to improve and enjoy that relationship with health.

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• Eating for Energy (stress & energy management)
• Plant based
• Upgraded Recipes – Increase Energy & Decrease Body-fat
• Mindful Nutrition
• Blends with benefits
• Lifestyle Immersion
• 21-Day Jumpstart

Worked with:
Oragami Owl
Morgan Stanley
Leslie’s Pool Supply
Omni Hotels & Resorts
Whole Foods
Orange Theory
Ford Models
Sam Fox Concepts
Kaleidoscope Juice
St Mary’s Food Bank
Boys & Girls Club

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Mercedes Benz


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