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INSPIRE Definition: Fire within – To fill with enlivening, To stimulate to action; motivate. To breathe life into, To stimulate energies. 

Jason Sani is a trained and licensed Culinary Nutritionist that has worked in the Athletics and Sports Medicine industry for 10+ years. While still active in competitive sports Jason turned his focus to Nutrition and training geared towards the active population.  With an open minded but focused approach he has committed to being a student of life, worldly wisdom, and  motivation. Jason practices what he preaches and leads an energetic lifestyle by example. This site was developed to provide a resource of inspiration and help spread energy in and out of the mind and body. Consider it nutrition for your mind & body… it all starts with the ingredients which you put in your mind.

Nutrition Philosophy is about knowing yourself and trusting yourself to listen to your intuition. When you can get in tune with your body, you can wake it up and realize that you have been tolerating feeling “ok” for too long. You have the ability redefine what normal feels like. You have the ability to feel better in every way, all of the time. Jason takes the approach of “eating based on demand”. Our nutritional needs have many variables; from seasons, activity, genetics, and situation. What you choose to eat is contributing to a positive or a negative action in the mind & body. Are you aware of the power which you have?

“Growing up in a holistic environment, I truly believe that EVERYTHING can be healed with nutrition when the root cause is addressed.”

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“I’m the guinea pig, researcher, and reporter. On a mission to live at an optimal level while empowering others to do the same.”

 From Nutrition counselor to mentor and coach, helping others is Jason’s biggest passion. He is represented by Ford models and Sports Unlimited Agency. He strives to stay a leader in the industry studying under the best of the best and the pursuit of knowledge.

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