Healthy Living for Less – How to Shop for an easy and healthy meal prep

No better time to get a jump start on your health and where better to start than your local Farmers Market? Let me show you how you can save a ton of time & money while making tasty & nutritious meals for less than $3/meal.

After working with 1,000’s of people like yourself and leading 100+ grocery tours, I wanted to put together a resource guide for navigating through a grocery market to stock up on what you need without spending your whole paycheck.

I get that it can be overwhelming when it comes to shopping and picking out ingredients. First off, I challenge you to look at as a fun challenge. This is not fun for everyone but it can be. I tend to pick up groceries around 3 times per week as this ensures that I am using fresh ingredients. I’ll have you know that these trips are less than 15 mins each on average rather than 1 long hour shopping session.

I headed down to my local Sprouts Farmers Market where I can count on good standards to show you exactly what I buy to feed myself and an active lifestyle. When I shop, I think about my exhausted version of myself so that I can throw meals together easy.

My goals are:

  • Thinking about building my own salad or bowl bar in my fridge
  • Well balanced nutrition profile with fruits, vegetables, and protein
  • Supporting my digestive & immune system
  • Energy and tissue recovery

Building your favorite salad or bowl bar

Imagine going to your favorite grab & go salad or burrito bowl bar. What are the 5 go-to ingredients that you love mixing into your chopped bow?

Pick up pre-chopped veggies like Broccoli, slaw, leafy greens, shredded carrots, etc.. These will make it easy to fill up a bowl or plate. All you’ll need is a protein and sauce or dressing to make it a delicious dish.

Frozen veggies are great for stir-fys or one-pan meals. Some of my favorites are riced cauliflower, broccoli, and sweet potatoes. My favorite method is steam-frying by using broth or water in a saute pan rather than frying and burning oil.

When I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to cook, I’ll grab a rotisserie chicken that will make dinner for 5+ and leave some more for leftovers.


Eating fresh, colorful produce is easy at Sprouts! The featured organic produce in the heart of the store, making it so easy to eat all my favorite fruits and veggies while discovering new favorites! I love to explore unique seasonal finds like…. (broccolini, mangoes, parsnips, blood oranges, etc.

Meat and Butcher Shop

To pick up air-chilled chicken, grass-fed beef (been loving skirt steak lately), or salmon. I try to pick up enough for 3 days worth of meals at a time. I always cook extra for dinner to ensure leftovers to remix for meals throughout the week.

My favorite methods for food prep are either chicken thighs in the instant pot for shredded chicken or grill.

Grocery Aisles for flavor insurance favorites like powdered peanut butter, coconut amninos, and tigernut flour.

Checking Out/Sprouts app

I am all done shopping and about to check out. If you haven’t already, make sure to sign up for the Sprouts app. The app gets you access to exclusive promotions and more than $100 in coupons every month! It’s just one more way I save money shopping at Sprouts.

Do you have any questions about shopping at Sprouts?

Share them with me and I’ll answer throughout the month.

Make sure to check back next week as I show you how to stock up your kitchen with food to fuel your active-lifestyle pantry.

And, now that you know why I love Sprouts, I’ve got more great news. You can win groceries for a year from Sprouts. To enter, text “Sprouts” to 777688. Plus you’ll get special deals and promotions, too. For full details go to

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