Functional Ingredients

This is what keeps me excited about cooking and eating and I hope it sparks an interest in you!

Functional foods with purpose are the type of ingredients that help you sustain a healthy lifestyle because of the enjoyment and positive outcome.

“Foods that increase the odds of you performing and feeling better”

These are the foods that you can each for when you need a boost or support to your active lifestyle that have positive side effects.

In a processed world where are soil is depleted more than ever, Many people are deficient in nutrients that play a major role in a resilient energized body that is able to recover more efficiently.

Why wouldn’t you add in these win-win ingredients to what you’re already eating. In a sense, youo are covering your bases by upgrading your food.

When it comes to energizing foods, dates or manuka honey are examples of high energy foods that help you replenish without excess inflammation or depletion like many processed foods.

Using condiments like saurkraut or kimchi that support digestion and immune health.

Or turmeric blends such as goldenmilk that offer neuro-protective benefits while improving the inflammation response and more. You can add a serving to a smoothie, pancakes, or sauce while enhancing the flavor and nutrition together.

Broth, collagen or plant proteins that can adds easy-digestible nourishment or flour alternatives. Collagen rich foods like broth, stock or collagen powder helps build your body up with every meal. 

The same ingredients that your taste buds desire can make:

  • Strength TASTE BETTER
  • Brain & memory power TASTE BETTER
  • Recovery TASTE BETTER
  • Longevity TASTE BETTER

Functional ingredients:

✔️Foods that increase the odds of you performing and feeling better

✔️Extraordinary ingredients that you can add or upgrade with your ordinary recipes

✔️More to offer by making you feel better NOW and LATER

✔️Foods that have nourishing attributes and turn your meals into “superfood”

From experience with myself and thousands of clients like yourself

I find that its more beneficial to make a list of your top foods to add in

by adding in more good stuff, you will automatically crowd out the bad stuff

Building your nutritional framework

Sweet examples:

Dates for glycogen recovery, amino acids and electrolytes. Medjool dates help with chewy consistency and provide extra fiber and minerals that includes amino acids and an easy digestible form of glucose that is great for muscle fuel/recovery. Dates mix really well in smoothies and baked goods. They also compliment chocolate very well.


Plant Protein powder as a functional ingredient: Almost all of these recipes call for plant protein as a flour alternative. This can be substituted with ¼ cup of nut flour such as almond or coconut in almost all of them.  Protein powders can be used as a thickener or flavor boost to greens, oatmeal, yogurt and more.

Collagen protein supports digestive health, recovery, and tissue repair including skin. This is a great source for people that have troubles digesting dairy proteins.

Stuffed Banana Pancakes

Example of a treat made with real food ingredients


In this video, you see two examples that take less than 5 minutes and can be made with ingredients that you have on hand.



Banana Flour & Tigernut Flour (both gluten-free)—This is a starchy flour that is sugar­free and high in resistant starch fiber which is beneficial for prebiotic to help out the digestive system. This is a perfect flour for pancakes and waffles that can be substituted for oats

Hemp seeds (hemp hearts)—A high protein seed, hemp contains all essential amino acids. Hemp is also rich in fiber, essential fatty acids, vitamin E, and trace minerals. It is one of the richest and most digestible protein sources available.

How to use: I like to add 2­3 Tbsp to a dish for texture and fiber or into a sauce for creamy effect. Commonly used in stir-fry and salads

Avocado: Contains vitamin E, glutathione, good fats that are insulin friendly. Plus so many culinary functions such as thickening and instant ice cream effect. Also helps absorb additional nutrients.

Green Tea (and others such as turmeric, matcha, rooibos): This could be a book just on tea and the benefits. Tea packs umami flavor with antioxidant power and many metabolism supporting features. My favorites for culinary uses are turmeric, rooibos, and matcha

Adaptogens such as Maca or mushroom blends can be added in just like a protein powder or flour.


Savory examples:

Kraut or kimchi is a condiment that is low in calories and packs probiotics that can support digestion.

Add to: bowls, salads, wraps, rice, etc… similar to salsa or dressing

Broth (high in collagen) to steam veggies, add in to rice, soups or sauces for minerals and easy to digest protein.

Seasoning: Turmeric seasoning  blends and golden milk contain the active compound curcumin that has been shown to defend and combat neurotoxicity.

All examples that I stock up for at sprouts farmers market to keep #healthylivingforless

Want more of these recipes with pictures and nutrition facts?

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