Christmas Gift Idea for the Active Man

Wondering what your favorite man wants for a gift or tired of gifting items that never get used? As an ambassador of health and wellness, I am often the plug for gift ideas. This year I teamed up with Sprouts Farmers Market to pick out my own gift basket this is perfect for your favorite male.

This Merry-Man basket is under $100 for a great investment to Health that will be ACTUALLY be used and appreciated! The basket that I created includes some of my favorite health staples to boost energy, manage stress, and fuel the body. Think of this basket like Training wheels to find what works.


My suggestions include:

Shake smoothie kit to upgrade coffee, tea, and smoothies: Vanilla Stevia and golden Monkfruit sweetener that will keep the taste buds happy and blood sugar in check.

Natural Deodorant spray that is great for the gym, shoes, car or travel. It has a pleasant masculine vetiver scent with essential oils. I’ve been using it for years!

Natural Growth hormone and mineral balance to support Testosterone, stress management, energy, sleep. This formula is like a multivitamin for your testosterone with a natural blend of adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha, Zinc, Magnesium, Cordyceps and more.

Men’s Daily Multi – This formula is a great value for the best quality vitamins and minerals that include methyl folate, B12 so that you can assure the body is absorbing what it needs.

Resistance bands – These bands are great for the home, office or travel. A few minutes with these bands promote mobility, posture, blood flow and make muscles hungry to support metabolism

Snacks that are low in sugar to help curb cravings and keep the metabolism healthy. One of these might be your new favorite.

Eco Bottle – You can’t go wrong with these stainless steel flasks that keep liquids hot or cold for hours!

Bonus: A Whiskey & Oak scented candle. Manly candles are soo hot this year!!!


Steal this idea or modify to your taste





If you’re feeling the Holiday spirit, I’ve teamed up with Sprouts Farmers Market to make it easy to lend a helping hand and feed a family in need.

Last year, Grab ‘n Give with Sprouts donated more than 2 million meals to families in need—allowing them to enjoy those special moments around the table. It’s just as easy this year to provide a healthy food or personal care bag this holiday.

Choose your own pre-filled personal care or healthy food donation bag from one of the Sprouts Grab ‘N Give displays. More information here 🙂




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