Making Healthy Taste Good – Guide and Book available

What’s stopping you from cooking meals that you love?

Some days we just don’t have enough time.

You don’t have the ingredients that you need.

You haven’t developed cooking skills… Heating up a meal in a microwave is sometimes a stretch.

Confusion or overwhelm when it comes to what to eat.

Whatever your reason is, I’ve heard it and I have put together a guide to help you strip away the intimidation and provide simple methods and recipes that you can make on limited time with practical ingredients.

After working with thousands of clients and listening to the frustration and confusion of health and food preparation; I realized that it had to be more simple. People just like you have been encouraging me to create a guide and recipe book that teaches you how to bring back the fun to cooking which will inspire you to want to make the time that pays off in dividends.

And here it is…

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Making Healthy Taste Good is the culmination of my lifelong obsession with achieving peak performance with mind & body. As you know, I feel it’s my purpose to share my lifestyle habits that make living at your optimal bodyweight and energy level effortless while enjoyable. You’ll get to take a peak into how I teach my clients and friends into upgrading their habits and improving their perception on food. Imagine being able to eat food that you love while staying satisfied and reaping the benefits of the other bi-products like burning more fat, improving hormone health, energy and sleep.

The recipes are designed to reinforce optimal immune and hormone health. Included in the book is a guide to my health assurance plan fueled by flavor insurance. Fighting against family heart disease, cancer and depression I’ve laid out a practical understanding into taking a proactive approach that allows you to enjoy everything you eat while eating with a preventive approach at simultaneously. Did I mention that everything in here is delicious!?


Making Healthy Taste Good will teach you:

How to eliminate excuses for reaching your potential with eating

How to save time and manage stress when it comes to food choices

How to stop dieting for good and get on the path to real, lasting weight control

How to stop relying on willpower so that health and energy comes automatically

How to stock your kitchen with the basics that you need to stay healthy

How to create an environment that improves your social environment

How to retrain your tastebuds into cravings nutrient-dense, sugar-free, and gluten-free foods

How to implement simple and effective techniques like cooking with tea for added benefits

How to find your delicious and use it with consistency, texture, flavor


  • 21-Day jumpstart program to build habits with delicious recipes that hardly take any effort or time
  • Step by Step pictures to simplify recipes
  • Shopping guide
  • 100+ recipes including ice cream, sauces, and upgrades of many favorite cravings
  • A picky man’s perspective of tricking himself into eating food that makes him healthy

MHTG is beyond a recipe book – It’s more of “A companion guide for living and loving a healthier life “

The book does feature 100 tasty recipes that fit many Whole30 and natural based eating plans

(recipes that get you the results of a diet without feeling like it)

After purchasing and reviewing more than 50 of the top books on diet, I found that something was missing in making these ideas stick. There was a lack of practical information that had the appeal to invite a novice in the health world to dive in. My observation as well as reviews on all of these books showed a disconnect in good intention and long-term success. What were these books missing?

Many of these books lacked that practicality factor of demonstrations that strip away intimidation and encourage people to get started. The goal of Making healthy Taste Good is to inspire people that the whole process is where the fun is. This includes the process of discovering rather than confusion or overwhelm, as well as simply taking food that you love and improving it.

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