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I know what it’s like to eat out or rely on catered food for days at a time. I’ve seen the obvious effect that it has on mine and other’s physiques, digestive system, and energy levels. There is no doubt in my mind that there is a significant difference in your body and performance when you control your environment.

This is designed for the person that is focused on losing some fat and is probably not at a level that is tracking macronutrients. Your body responds differently to food when you are participating in a challenging training routine. By no means, is working out a “get out of jail free-card”. If you are rarely doing anaerobic activity – the following information should be helpful to you.

The little things add up. That extra “harmless” 20 grams of sugar that sneaks in breakfast and lunch adds up to 200+ grams of sugar over a week with oils that have been soaked in your food, this impact is going to work on your hormones and making it almost impossible to gain momentum unless you’re working out twice a day.. And you DO NOT need to do that. Back to back trips, group dinners, temptations, and peer pressure; it’s part of an active life.

“Its not about eliminating or demonizing foods. There needs to be an understanding that higher energy (sugar-dense) foods are designed to provide and replenish energy. Do you need that? Or do you have stored body-fat that should be a prime fuel for energy. ”

Your health shouldn’t be compromised over a trip outside your comfort zone. With all of the resources around us, learn to make this work in your favor. Bringing out the best version of yourself will test your willpower with roadblocks and challenges, this is inevitable. Choosing to raise your standards will allow you to move around these detours like a simple speed bump.

“We cannot leave it to guess work anymore when it comes to our health. GMO’s and sugars are in everything. You need to play detective if you want to feel at your best.”


Why Eating out makes you fat & unhealthy “Certain foods limit your ability to burn fat”

Restaurants want to make customers like you happy. Good tasting food = happy customers returning and spending more money

The easiest way to make food taste good is soak it in oil, salt or sugar. Many of these health hi-jackers go unnoticed because it says, no sugar added, all natural, etc.. Your lunch or dinner portion of protein alone could have been cooked in a low-quality oil and soaked up 400+ extra calories in fat! Yes this happens a lot.. Bet you didn’t count that in your macros.

Many foods, especially proteins and starches become SPONGES for fat and sugar. Foods don’t always need to be covered with sauce in order for them to be soaked in calories. And it’s not just the calories we should be concerned for; the sugar content is creating a fat-storing environment for your hormones and body.


Dried fruit is glorified candy on your salad that can add 30+ grams of sugar that can turn off your ability to utilize fat as energy for up to 4 hours. Go without or eat around it. It’s easy to ask for the sauce on the side and add your own lemon or olive oil. Some sauces are loaded with salt, sugar and fat which in their source not providing anything that’s beneficial.


Most restaurants use hydrogenated oils to cook their food. The bad oils poison your brain/body, killing all chances of high brain performance the next week. Transfats that most restaurants cook with mixed with sugar is a terrible combination.

You can’t be upset with common establishments, learn how to navigate them properly. Many restaurants are doing what is cost effective and using ingredients that can stress your body digestive system and body out. Processed foods limit your ability to absorb nutrients that you need! “If you eat toxic garbage and junk food, you are made of toxic garbage and junk food”



Sauce on the side – Become aware of how much sauce is absorbed in your food. Could be a key to slowing down your metabolism. Or adding that “puffy” look to your skin from the salt. 

Whole Food > Fast Food


WHY-power > Willpower

Raise your standards and you will not need to rely on willpower when you are exhausted. We are faced with eating options 200 times a day. Every time we eat is a chance to heal or harm. Pick your foods like you pick your friends

The main driving factors in food are: 1. Taste 2. Money (cost) 3. Health Convenience is often the common DOMINATOR. Re-think your personal motives. Take a moment to ask yourself “why” before choosing.

 Instead Of: Eating out is a special occasion, so I’ll indulge myself.

Tell Yourself: This meal should give me energy for the next four or five hours. I want to feel satisfied without feeling stuffed.

Instead Of: I eat well at home. It’s too tedious, depressing and embarrassing to try at restaurants, too.

Tell Yourself: I can make better choices at restaurants, just as I’ve learned to do at home.

Instead Of: For what this meal is costing, I’m going to eat my money’s worth.

Tell Yourself: It’s money well-spent if I leave this restaurant feeling full, energetic and relaxed. Instead Of: I wonder what other people will think or say about what I eat. Tell Yourself: I know what I need to eat to feel my best, and that’s what I’m going to have.


Habits of highly effective fat burning people (when ordering)

• Be nice. Make friends with your host/hostess. “will you do me a favor?” This will work in your favor. Use the “allergy” word if needed

Get to know what you are eating – Ask the waiter questions about preparation. You know this, but it’s worth repeating: Typically, you’re better off choosing an entrée that is broiled, grilled, poached or roasted, rather than fried.

• If you perceive food as medicine, you will pick the right foods to eat when eating out. Pick food that contributes to health

Simple adjustments can make a big impact –  Instead of a side of creamed spinach, ask for it sautéed with lemon. Order your broccoli steamed rather than bathed in cheese sauce. Sub starch (rice or potatoes) add extra vegetables

•Tempted with something tasty? Have one small slice or piece and fill the rest of your plate with vegetables

Always pile on the veggies when eating a dish, burger, pizza, nachos, burrito

•Ask for veggies to dip in guacamole or salsa instead of chips

If an item is fried, simply ask to have it grilled. For example, “crispy” fish in fish tacos can be grilled instead.

• Scan for better options: Pico di gallo, marinated vegetables, citrus vinaigrettes, beans and whole grains, gluten-free menu, etc..

• Ask that heavier sauces and salad dressings be brought on the side, so you decide how much to drizzle—a little goes a long way. Alternatively, replace them with a salsa, pico di gallo or citrus 
vinaigrette. Use fork-and-dip method: Dip your fork into the dressing and then dip it into your salad.

• Turn any salad into an entrée salad by asking to have it topped with simply grilled fish, shrimp or meat—with dressing on the side or lightly tossed in half the normal amount. • Order two appetizers instead of a main entrée (Example: Shrimp with guacamole, Hummus with veggies, Chicken kabobs with salsa

• Consider ordering a child’s portion or an appetizer as your main course. Choose a tasty vegetable side to help fill up (skip those doused with creamy sauces or butter).

• Remove the skin from chicken and visible fat from meat. Avoid fried, breaded, or special glazes. • Watch out for hidden sugars – Most Sauces, dried fruit, dairy

• Say no upfront. Your waitress is trained to push calories. Say upfront, no dessert. If it’s at your table, have a bite and close your eyes to determine if it’s worth it.

• Bring your own Protein, seasoning and sweeteners if you must. (Sounds extreme but if you know you are traveling you might as well)


No good options?

• Eat when you get home. Nobody is forced to eat.


Alcohol & Hangover prevention Big Ideas The key to having a productive next day lies within the following next steps.

1. Stick to Vodka, Gin or Rum with no added sugars or additives.

2. Drink a glass of water with each drink.

3. Have lemon or lime in each drink.

4. Eat substance (meat, fat, and carbs before bed.)

5. Take antioxidant supplements

6. Get GOOD sleep – Take melatonin before bed. Sleep in a cold dark room. Sleep as much as possible.

7. Drink water with dissolved sea salt in the morning. (electrolytes)

See more if what you can do before drinking to avoid hangover:



Traveling away from home big ideas

• Find your healthy “ally”. Is there someone wherever your destination that is health savvy? Ask for suggestions.

• Find an organic friendly market with a salad bar – Rotisserie chicken; salad, salmon, or low sugar bar could hold me over.

• Google “juice bar”, “organic market” or “raw foods” and the zip code that you are in. Many times you will find yelp reviews or markets that pop up.

• Look for a Gym or juice bar – Many gyms and fitness studios will have fit-friendly food or meal delivery options. I’ve found numerous healthy salads and snacks in juice bars.

• Gas Stations: At gas stations, you can often find fruit, nuts and seeds, protein bars, hard-boiled eggs, tea, and coffee – This is a hot spot for hidden sugars. •

• Pack a shake container with protein and add water when you’re ready. Add the protein to the container or use separate baggies. see survival kit

• Remember going without food for 4-5 hours (every now and then is not that bad)

Pack a survival Kit:

survivial kit

Support your immune system and energy with some essentials – I will pack something like this- that can save me away from home or bypass a couple of poor meal situations. 

  • Plant based protein can be added to juices, water, oatmeal, or yogurt
  • Green powders for digestive health, cravings, and deficiencies
  • High fiber, quality protein, and LOW sugar bars. Common sense with ingredients – try and keep it real. My favorites are “No Cow-Bars.” Plant based protein with less than 3 grams of sugar. (look for a protein to sugar ratio of 3:1)
  • Vitamin packs with electrolytes and nutrients like NAC to help with removing toxins including those that cause hangovers.
  • Packed oatmeal with protein if needed
  • Digestion care – many foods lack enzymes needed to break down and absorb what we need – creating stress on our digestive systems



Social events (weddings, pot lucks, celebrations & dinner parties) Eating at an event with friends or family? Volunteer to contribute. This has worked in my (and everyone else’s) favor numerous times. Instead of ordering in bring something that is compliant with your diet. This way, you know that you will be taken care of. Ask for what will be served prior, if it doesn’t suit your needs, bring something.

How to not sound like an asshole when someone offers you food:

• “Thanks, I just ate”

• “food allergy – can’t do dairy”

• “I’m fasting to get my blood drawn this afternoon”

• Take a small bite and change the topic

• Stand your ground. If she really must have you take the food, ask for a Tupperware so you can bring it home.


Healthy Travel Guide – Active Mind & Body


70 Pages with guides of what to order at common restaurants like: chipotle, Chick o filet, Pei Wei, and more..

Day in the life or 4, workout guide with exercises for traveling.. much much more.


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If you eat out more than 10 times per week, this should be especially helpful for you. AND If you have stubborn fat that you can’t get rid of, this should be your solution. If you only eat out occasionally, you will find some helpful tips but may also find some of this extreme. The information ahead all came from questions and real-life scenarios.

Regardless, I am confident that you will find some benefit or inspiration that will come in handy when you face a challenge. Like you, I want to explore new foods, enjoy social events AND feel sexy, look sexy and live a long sexy life. Cheers to your health!

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