Top 6 Essentials for September

The following 6 items make my job easier and increase the pleasure factor while supporting quality energy. Here they are along with how I use them:

Paleo Wraps


Gluten free wraps made from coconut with simple ingredients and no carbs. Taste is neutral but satisfying.

How to use: Wrap up stir-fry, almond butter, enchiladas, and because everything tastes better as a burrito.

Hemp Hearts


Protein, fiber, and omega 3 boost that helps with texture. Keeps you satisfied.

How to use: Blend up in a sauce to thicken or mix into salad or stir-fry for a meat-free protein boost.

Digest Complex (digestive enzymes)


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Digestion insurance. Most of our food is absent in enzymes required to break food down where it can be properly absorbed. Different enzymes are required for breaking down fat, protein, carbs, fiber, etc.. And help with inflammation. AND help with allergies.

How to use: Simply have one with heavy meals, a must for traveling. Especially important with processed foods and heavy protein meals to spare energy.

Caramel Stevia

caramel stevia

Delicious sugar-free sweetener that doesn’t have that typical stevia flavor. No impact on blood sugar!

How to use: Add to teas, ice creams, coffee, frostings, etc.. Great alternative to sugar and goes a long way. Use with veggie smoothies to avoid excess fruit. Also use vanilla and chocolate!

Sauce boss travel squeeze bottles


Adorable squeezables that allow you to create simple sauces and dressings as flavor insurance. Perfect for 1-2 servings. Quit eating bland dishes.

How to use: Upgrade a favorite sauce or dressing and add super-foods like turmeric, mct oil, Cell food, tea, fiber, etc..

Cell Food

Cell Food

Great tool to improve hydration, energy, cellular health, and encourage more water consumption.

How to use: Add 8 drops to water, coffee, tea, sauces, dressings, etc..

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