Staying lean and healthy while traveling – Part Two: No Gym No Problem

Sneaking in some quick sweat sessions pays off in dividends


Dedicate a few minutes to smart and intense training

Work smart and work hard. You’re not on vacation to workout at a gym. Most of the time when you are traveling, working out is a pretty low priority. This is understandable. When I travel, I like to pack a resistance band that can be hooked into a door or wrapped around any apparatus.

Your sessions should be targeted towards short intense movements that would be focusing on your anaerobic zone (think sprinting over jogging). If every couple of days you could get a 10 minute morning session in, that will be enough to create a reaction in the body that supports your metabolism for up to 36 hours. For more information, look up *GLUT-4 and *EPOC (excess post exercise oxygen consumption) See below examples of circuits

Intense exercise intervals and Glut-4:
What exercise does is increase a substance in your body called GLUT-4 (glucose transporter type 4). “The more muscular gates we have open before insulin triggers the same GLUT-4 on the surface of fat cells, the more we can put calories in muscle instead of fat”. Think of creating an after-burn effect from muscle contractions or a few bouts of anaerobic style exercise (something that gets you out of breath – like running for your life) Studies have shown that as little as three 30 second bouts 3 times per week can make a significant impact.

EPOC and the after-burn
Sprint training works wonders on the body because it applies a lot of metabolic stress in the same way lifting weights with short rest periods does. Lactic acid builds up when your muscles apply a maximal effort, which leads the body to release growth hormone. Growth hormone (GH) is lipolytic, meaning it increases fat breakdown and the metabolism of glucose and amino acids.

This can lead you to burn more energy during exercise but also to achieve a higher post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), which is associated with a higher calorie burn in the 24 to 48 hour recovery period after high-intensity exercise.

What can get this effect the easiest?
Sprinting – Find grass, a hill, or a road that you can run for 20-30 seconds at 85% or higher of max heart rate. Repeat 4-8 times with rest around 60 seconds or less.
Leg stimulation from squatting, jumping, plyometrics, etc.. Create a load with weight or force from jumping – Aim for 10-15 receptions for 3 or 4 rounds.
Cycle sprinting – Great for low impact. Using a bike or stationary gym equipment – Complete 30-60 second all out bursts followed by rest.
Burpees and other full body movements
Rows – Use a rower or mimic the movement with resistance band (as shown in the picture)

Workout ideas for travel

Helpful tool: resistance bands

Travel friendly Resistance band (Hooks into door or can be wrapped around any solid beam or bar) Great for rows, presses, curls, and more.


Choose your own adventure

Daily 9-2-5 – Boosts metabolism – convenient and excuse preventable
Morning 9 minutes: 3 mins warm up, 3 mins high intensity, 3 mins warm down Mid-day (before/after lunch): 2 minutes elevated heart rate/continuous exercise Evening: 5 Mins resistance and/core workout
Options: Jump rope, running, Bike, bodyweight squat, push ups, abs, lunges, etc..

Tabata Options: Pick one of the following or pair up two and alternate ex. 20 Second sprint, 10 second rest. Burpees for 20 seconds, rest and repeat for 4 each.
Sprint – (You can do this standing in place or outside)
Burpees and Push-ups
Lunge jumps/Split Squats Resistance band rows Resistance band presses

Push & pulls (Pulling movement such as row or curl for 20 reps or 20 seconds alternated with 20 reps or seconds of Pushes such as Presses or extensions)

10 push-ups 10 sit ups 10 squats – 10 rounds

Full Body blast (15 mins)
1 Minute Bodyweight Squats (advanced try jump squats)
1 minute Back row with resistance band
1 minute Push-ups (as many as you can do)
1 minute Bicep Curls
1 minute Mountain climbers or Bicycle crunches (advanced try burpees with)
Repeat for 3 rounds


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