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Stop eating food that that sucks. Being healthy does not require deprivation and you shouldn’t need to drain your will-power either. Eat sexy food. Eat food that makes you feel sexy. Preserve the sexy. Expect a slight learning curve; but know that it’s well worth it.

Put this in action:

Purpose driven ingredients are more about “why-power”. Raise your standards when it comes to the majority of food that you eat. Yes, you can enjoy yourself. Make an agreement with yourself that 80% of the food you eat truly serves a purpose beyond instant gratification. You don’t need to obsess over every little thing that you eat but you can certainly shift yourself into eating real food. Flavoring your food with real ingredients and seasoning. Our taste-buds have been mutated… take them back.

I make the choice to enjoy my meal with a “win-win” perspective.

Win #1: The food will taste and feel good and provide me with an experience that motivates me to keep eating this way.

Win #2: The food will reinforce my health and provide me with long-term energy, digestion health, and immune function. Plus quality seasoning and spices help in regulating blood sugar, which is huge for optimal hormone health. This leaves me satisfied without cravings.


I save time without marinating and use spices and sauces for flavor insurance. STOP EATING FOOD THAT SUCKS.


flavor pallete

My pallet for my palate

My pallet for my palate



Nutritional Yeast: tastes much better than it sounds! A golden, flakey dried yeast powder (non-active) with robust cheese-like flavor. Great sprinkled on foods and adds a boost of umami flavor along with protein and B-vitamins
Use with: Salads, dressings, cauliflower rice, eggs

Coconut Secret line (Aminos, garlic sauce, teriyaki sauce): Coconut based sauces with sea salt, minerals and ZERO SUGAR!
Use with: Stir-fry, steam fry, Asian fusion sauces, quick savory flavor boost

Seasoning blends (Lydias seasoning, salad booster, Braggs sprinkle): All low salt seasoning blends made from sprouted seeds and herbs. Easy single spice that can save a bland dish.
Use with: Citrus and olive oil for a quick vinaigrette or sprinkle generously on salads and vegetables to bring to life.
Bonus: These have fiber and healthy fat to help stabilize blood sugar.

Channel 3 feature from Tuesday:

Dairy and Gluten free Alfredo sauce that adds fiber, vitamins and minerals to your traditional Italian favorite. The following recipe is a great example of upgrading the food that we crave and enjoy. Use this as a base and feel free to sneak in any additions that you want as this is a quick version (always best to use fresh ingredients). The cashews add in some extra good fats and protein while the Nutritional yeast provides B-vitamins that are essential for energy, nutrient absorption, and metabolism.

“Alfredo” Sauce (Makes 4-6 Servings)
1 Cup raw cashews
1/2 tsp onion powder
1/4 tsp garlic powder
2 Tbsp Nutritional Yeast (for cheesy texture and flavor)
Sea salt to taste
½ Cup Coconut Milk (Water or tea works as well)
2 Tbsp Olive oil (optional)
Blend into puree with a small blender or mixer
You can create a more savory version by steaming or boiling ½ Cup Chopped cauliflower for 5 minutes and adding into mix
How to use it:  Healthy play on alfredo – great on pizza, with zucchini pasta, or kelp noodles. Get adventurous and add it to a steamed vegetable.


Featured “upgraded” dressing: Dairy and gluten free; made with hemp seeds, apple cider vinegar, garlic, and natural flavors. Tastes goooood.


Ranch Revival by Raw Foodz



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4 thoughts on “Stop eating food that that sucks

    • Jason Sani Post author

      I was referring to Nutritional Yeast, not to be confused with traditional yeast or brewers yeast which has been shown to carry some benefit to nursing mothers. Nutritional Yeast is a deactivated yeast. It is a source of protein and vitamins, especially the B-complex vitamins, and is a complete protein. It is also naturally low in fat and sodium and is free of sugar, dairy, and gluten. Sometimes nutritional yeast is fortified with vitamin B12. Nutritional values may vary from manufacturer to another. I love it as a flavor booster that resembles cheese!

  • Jodi Castiglione

    Enjoyed your guest spot on Life A-Z on Thursday. What’s inside your shopping cart? You mentioned quite a few items like the sweetener and other substitutes that I was interested in, is there any where I can resee this clip. I can’t find it on Azfamily3. Jodi