Stevia is more than a natural sweetener

Use Stevia as A Sweetener To Increase Insulin Sensitivity & Decrease Inflammation

What it is: Stevia is a plant that is native to the Americas and it is naturally sweet but provides no calories.

Why use it: Not only is it an ideal alternative to sugar, stevia conveys the following health benefits:

•    It can modulate blood sugar and is being tested as a preventative supplement for diabetics.

•    It increases insulin sensitivity and decreases oxidative stress associated with large insulin spikes in response to eating carbs and sugar.

•    It is anti-microbial and acts as an antioxidant in the body, decreasing oxidative stress and inflammation.



How to use it: Add to bland or neutral flavors (a little goes a long way!)

•    Stevia comes in liquid and powder form. (my favorites are chocolate, English Toffee, and Vanilla)

•    Start using it by adding it to coffee, tea, or a post-workout whey protein shake.

•    You could also blend it with fiber in water for a tastier beverage.

•    Some protein powders, protein bars, and other natural foods are beginning to use stevia in place of sugar. Most natural meal replacements and plant based proteins use it as a sweetener.

•    Try drinking something with stevia before eating for better insulin health and blood sugar management.


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