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I get asked about my routine regularly.

Obsessive or disciplined? No. I don’t think I have OCD. If I do… It’s balancing out . Or I’m in denial. To me it’s an addiction to feeling good, the feeling of optimal health is priceless.

How do I define health? Having purpose with my eating and actions, optimizing (longevity, immune, brain function, hormone support, lean muscle, and performance



First off, I thank the people around me for their kind compliments on my willpower and discipline. Personally, I think Willpower is overrated. My answer for most is define a “why” that means something to you and apply purpose to your actions. Willpower gets you started – enjoying what you do and working towards progress of something bigger and better keeps you going. Therefor I’m addicted to feeling good. Guilty.

Approach the problem of multiple priorities by focusing on just one main metric: your energy. I make choices that maximize my personal energy because that makes it easier to manage all of the other priorities. Maximizing my personal energy means eating right, exercising, avoiding unnecessary stress, getting enough sleep. But it also means having something in my life that makes me excited to wake up.

Being too busy to take care of your health is cop-out. Stop it.
Being busy is a form of laziness–lazy thinking and indiscriminate action.
Being busy is most often used as a guise for avoiding the few critically important but uncomfortable actions.

Self-health is a good selfishness that allows you to be a better version of you in everything that you do (friend, business owner, employee, lover, teacher)

Enough talking. without further ado, my natural limitless pill:

State of mind Appetizer  to putting it all in action:

“Adding-in” – This applies to healthy food, habits, rituals, and adding value. Quit thinking about what you are depriving yourself in and shift the focus to what you are adding.

How I take action: “Ask myself” Are you adding healthy contributions to your diet? Are you adding value to people’s lives around you? Add in your own health insurance.“I Find it fascinating to play a fun game of seeing what I can add to my food that gives me a benefit”

Top 8 Ingredients: Purpose driven ingredients
1. Morning Tonic – Starts routine for the day – Habits and rituals also lead to momentum to set the pace of the day.  wakes up digestion, cleanses, boosts immune, brain, and PH system
How I take action: Turmeric, ginger, cayenne, lemon or Warm water and lemon

2. Tea – Benefits include digestion, antioxidants, anti-cancer. My favorites (SporTea, Get burning by republic of tea, Green, oolong and more)
How I take action: Drinking between meals to improve digestion, mental energy, sauces, steam frying (in lieu of oil). 2-3 cups per day.

3. HIIT Burst Training – This is a more productive way to train. It’s efficient and pays off in huge dividends. Short intense, effective bursts of training. Benefits include Positive Hormone response, recovery, fat burn, after-burn (oxygen debt from intense exercise bouts create an extended calorie burn.
Why don’t more people do it? It’s usually pretty uncomfortable.
How I take action: High velocity circuits with little rest, sprints, and Clubz Fitness

4. Digestive Health – You are what you DIGEST. Optimizing digestion aids in absorption of vitamins and minerals responsible for new tissue growth, immune function, stress, and energy. Preventing bloating, discomfort, and gas.
How I take action: Digestive Enzymes with large meals, betaine hcl with heavy proteins, Probiotics, teas, and spices to maximize assimilation of nutrients. 

5. Spices – Making healthy taste good with benefits. Flavoring food with purpose – The basics like garlic for cholesterol, immune, and heart health. Ginger and turmeric for inflammation, Fennel and fenugreek for hormone and blood sugar support. Some of the best tasting spices offer the best health effects like preventing gas and aiding in digestion.
How I take action: Rather than relying on cheese, bread, and rice give substance to my meals- I use non-caloric spices and seasonings to make my own sauces, rubs, and dressings. I use spices to make the foods that fill me up taste good.

spiced“We crave flavor. Use flavor to crave healthy food.”

6. Herbs – Adapatgenic herbs that allow the body to adapt to stressful environments. These aid in calming and controlling cortisol, which leads to a quicker recovery. Some of my favorites include Ashwagnada, Reishi,  Rhodiola, He shou wu, Astragalus, cordyceps.
How I take action: Mixing my longevity espresso (recipe) to calm hormones, balance stress, and improve overall sense of well-being. Making these taste good is a key to staying satisfied.

7. Protein – Protein’s benefits go far beyond feeding muscle tissue. Protein is made of amino acids that keep us energized, full, and balanced out. I use as a base for healthy snacks to improve metabolic rate, satisfaction, sustain muscle.
How I take action: I use Nutra Summa Pea protein, Maximum vibrance, and hemp seed for most bases to make drinks, smoothies, pancakes, pudding, ice cream and more.

8. Kitchen tools – Food processor and nutribullet to name my top two.
How I take action: Food processor for chopping vegetables like cauliflower rice to consume more vegetables. Nutribullet blender to makes sauces, shakes, pancakes, tonics, and smoothies with easy clean up.
Kitchen tools

None of these are requirements but these tools have all helped keep my immense system and energy strong while keeping feeling satisfied and mixing things up.

Do you use any of these? Or any other hot tools that I’m missing out on??



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3 thoughts on “My current playbook for optimal health and performance

  • Xavier

    Bon tardi, Jason! Great post. I know that you’ve mentioned using teas as a substitute for oils but never knew until now which teas you meant.

    I see that you that you’ve listed the ingredients for the Morning Tonic. Possible to be more specific with amounts? I ask because I’ve never tried juicing and believe I am willing to try your recipe.

    Being too busy to take care of your health is cop-out. Stop it. Love this. It’s so true. I’ve been dealing with an injury that allowed me to sink into a pity party but have managed to snap out of it. It’s time to get back on track with what I can do and go from there until I am able to get back to running. Thanks for another great post.


    • Jason Sani Post author

      I like to use neutral flavored teas like oolong or rooibos… Lately a lot of Puerh tea. This can be a base for smoothies, sauces, dressings, and oils.
      My quick morning tonic is 12 oz warm water (warmed up with kettle) 1/2 tsp turmeric, 1 oz raw lemon juice, 1/2 tsp coconut oil.

      Most of the time I will juice 1lb of turmeric, 1lb Ginger, 3 lemons, and a jalepeno. This will keep in a jar for the week and all add this into warm water in the mornings. It helps with inflammation, circulation, and immune health. You can yield more by adding in a tea like SporTea. The coconut oil helps digest and assimilate the nutrients.

      Get addicted to feeling good and make it a priority.

      Be Well!