I know why you don’t cook

I want YOU to change your mind. It takes time. It’s worth it… Easier said than done.

 How about you? Eat? Cook? Love? Hate? 30 percent of Americans “love” to cook. And the rest? The rest have good excuses.

“Cooking is probably the most important thing you can do to improve your diet.”

 People who cook eat a healthier diet without giving it a thought. It’s the collapse of home cooking that led directly to the obesity epidemic.”


When you cook, you choose the ingredients: “And you’re going to use higher-quality ingredients than whoever’s making your home-meal replacement would ever use. You’re not going to use additives. So the quality of the food will automatically be better.

 “cooking is not hitting three buttons on a microwave”

You’re also not going to cook much junk. You may love the fries and fried chicken but how often are you going to bust out a deep fryer and get busy with it? Yet these industrial “fast food” chains have this down like an assembly line pumping out “food-like substance”.

fastfood The disconnect with our food, and what we put in our bodies represents our overall approach to our health. We want quick-fix meals (fast food and prepared meals) and quick-fixes to our health problems (prescriptions and immediate results). Maybe the answer starts in the kitchen, maybe not. But there is certainly a correlation that needs to be recognized: as we’ve become disconnected from our food, we’ve become less realistic about how our bodies operate.

The why behind your lack of culinary comprehension

What’s your excuse OR excuses? Maybe you can relate:

Too Expensive – Healthy food and ingredients cost too much


Messy – Making food requires pots, pans, and a dirty kitchen sink. not wanting to clean up the mess after cooking

Rather eat out – Outsourcing is easier. I want to have good food served to me

Time – How can I pick up groceries? I just don’t have enough time. I work too much, I have a family, I am tired

Don’t like it – Cooking does not tickle my fancy, it actually bothers me!

Don’t know how – I wasn’t born into a cooking family, it’s just not for me

Lazy – I know I could learn but I would rather have someone make it for me so I can watch more tv.

So I’ve heard, your “how” takes care of itself when your “why” is strong enough. I buy into this. (see your how below)

Before we jump into the how; lets take a quick look at a few of the reasons behind an upgraded WHY.

 Benefits of cooking:

You control your health – Many unwanted detrimental ingredients in restaurant food (taste and cost effective approach becomes a priority) Increases consciousness and awareness.


Eating good food is one of life’s great pleasures – The ability to cook good food is therefore a doorway to one of life’s great pleasures. Preparing and cooking meals is a delight for hands and eyes and mouth

Cooking being a creative activity – cooking reduces stress. It brings you close to something primal, internal and away from the noise of the outer, external. 
Color, texture, flavor, taste….cooking is food for the soul.

Being healthy is hip and cool  (being unhealthy is ignorant and stupid) – you control that by knowing what to eat and how it is prepared “cooking skills”. Being sick and lazy is not cool. You get to add ingredients that prevent you from getting sick.

 You’re in charge of what goes in your mouth – It virtually eliminates the negatives, like excessive fat, sugar, and salt.

 It saves you money from buying prepared foods – Save money on travel, overpriced meals, tips, and more.

 Relationship builder – Cooking at home get people in the kitchen to talk and share their thoughts and feelings — the basis of sanity.

 Positive psychological experience (opposite of depression) – Awareness of valuable vitamins and minerals that are essential in a healthy diet

It goes beyond instant gratification – Cooking at home allows you to be mindful when eating. You can ride out this experience that pays off with great dividends for your mind and body

 Here are my answers to the top excuses:

Too Expensive – Raise your standards. What is more important than your health? AND it’s not that expensive. You pay more for convenience foods than you probably realize, and often it takes less time to make similar foods from scratch than the media leads you to believe.

Messy – It does not have to be messy. Non-stick pan, cutting board, clean and set to dry.

Rather eat out – Occasionally this is nice – Yet these restaurants do not care about your HEALTH and waist.

Time – We do find time for activities we value, like surfing the Internet or exercising.

Don’t like it – Get interested, it’s worth it… maybe that will lead into a fascination

Don’t know how – See above. Mess-up, hang out with someone who does, ask questions, take baby steps

Lazy Cooking makes you healthier. Healthier gives you more energy. Energy make you happy (opposite of lazy)

 “I can have a tasty meal of a simple protein and steamed vegetables on the table in the same amount of time it takes to nuke many highly processed options.”

Get started:
Take baby steps
Trial and error
Challenge yourself to recreate your favorite meal
Ask for recipes at café’s restaurants
Look for inspiration
Attend workshops – Experience is everything!

Check out some of my cooking videos, schedule, or attend one of my workshops!

I’ve worked with over 1,000 clients and heard just about every excuse that’s out there. Not one of them is a valid reason for not taking pride in your health. EVERYTHING in life improves when your health becomes a priority.

Long-term effect
I believe taste is improved not just by flavor, but also the ability to fully appreciate what you are eating. Cooking allows someone to understand what’s in the food s/he is eating as well as the care required in making a dish. To savor something is to enjoy it completely, to dwell on its qualities. Some of those qualities get sensed through taste buds, others are known in other ways. Cooking links us to nature, it links us to our bodies. It’s too important to our well-being to outsource.

How many hours a week do Americans spend watching TV? Imagine if, as a family, you spent that time preparing, cooking, eating together, and then cleaning up together? Some of the most valuable time of the day could be in the kitchen with some good music, discussing your days as you prepare your nightly meal. Preparing a good meal is not hard and not terribly time-consuming, and the result even tastes good. While making you HEALTHIER”

Cooking isn’t an instinct, it’s learned. Like most other things, we either learn to cook or we don’t. But it’s never too late to learn. The benefits for learning to cook include such things as being able to eat health-building and nutritious meals, being able to eat what you want when you want it and saving money on food.

Knowing how to cook means being able to feed yourself/family on a budget that allows you to save money so you can spend it on something else.

Cooking is all about trial and error.  Mostly error. I’ll discuss this more in part 2.

Let me know what you’ve done to fix up a dish that took a wrong turn. Tell me how you feel.

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