My addiction to Whole Foods – Grocery Tour

Due to my fascination with food (i’m talking about real wholesome food that offers a value beyond instant gratification from the sensation that you get from taste and texture) I find myself loitering and hanging around the local market scene. I love them all.. From farmer’s market in your neighborhood to the lady selling seasonal organic cherries on the side of the road. I’ll probably stop and try your goods. In fact I think I have ADD that is induced by organic foods (assuming this is a little better than angel dust).

“get addicted to feeling good”

I feel like I have been blessed by discovering something that is so enjoyable, crave-able, delicious, and nourishing all at the same time. With out a feeling of guilt or regret… Anyhow come along as I share a little passion with y’all. Hit me up if you want to kick it at your local market.

Hugs, smiles, action, and hi-fives!


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