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No matter what field you are in or what your hobby is, we all need a teacher, coach, or mentor from time to time in order to raise our standards and shape our craft. It is said, “No man is self-made” and I believe that to be true. The best in history have all borrowed tips and methods from their peers around them. On daily basis I think there is a driving factor in one that demands a high level of performance and success. For me that driving actor is my “ideal self”. To me, life is about the human adventure and tapping into my potential to bring my best… Mind and Body.  The recipe that I have come up with for MY secret sauce is to set goals for progress and follow the path of “better”. By setting goals, even some that are scary… Maybe even “change your pants” scary, I put myself in a position to rise to the occasion.


This gets me to why I am writing the article in order to provide a review of Premier Fitness Systems. Greg and Brandon are two awesome guys that created the concept that has grown into Premier Fitness Systems. I am not talking about a couple of guys that decided opening a gym was a “cool” idea… These guys have been in this business for over a decade and it’s what they live, managing to evolve and constantly stay ahead of the game. You walk into their North Scottsdale studio and you can feel the passion and energy. This is a place that people come to charge up and improve their whole selves. What I love about this whole group is the amount of knowledge and passion that is stuffed inside. Premier Fitness, now a full group of great trainers is all about experience and results. Offering great amenities to make you feel like you are at home to workshops and groups for hiking or adventure races.


I go there to learn from some of the best around and get pushed to my potential in a creative customized program. What separated these guys from other trainers that I have seen is that they take a look at the big picture, looking to improve flexibility, strength, body composition and the mental connection that goes along with it. This is not your typical gym that throws a generic program at you, a custom design based on your goals is what you can expect. Through all of the sweat, music, moans, and groans.. You see smiles and a ton of positive energy. These guys and gals all walk the walk and talk the talk. Often we get carried away with focusing on the mirror muscles and “burning fat” without focusing on the functional movement of the body. Between every set or circuit they touch on a piece or movement to add value and function to your body. These guys just get it.

I love their mission statement :

“To motivate and educate individuals to achieve a healthier way of life
To deliver energy and passion everyday of this process
To ensure results through constant innovation and inspiration”

Whether your goal is losing a few extra pounds, improving your golf mechanics, or preparing for a race, drop in to check these guys out. They also have a great 90 day weight loss challenge that they do annually with some crazy transformations.

Premier Fitness Systems
7267 E Adobe Dr. Ste 101
Scottsdale, AZ 85255, USA
Tel: (480) 245-7082

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