Evo Ultrafit review – How I raced in a triathlon 4 Days after an Ankle Sprain

I suffered Grade II Ankle Sprain on a Wednesday AND completed/finished 15th in a Triathlon on the following Sunday.  Typical prognosis would be 3-4 weeks non weight-bearing. EvoSport was the first thing that came to my head; this is the home of where I went for my last treatment from a major injury (Pec tear).

I studied sports medicine and am completely aware of the R.I.C.E. method. But what happens when you have a deadline and a goal that you are determined to complete? You must rise to the occasion. There wasn’t a minute in my mind that I thought about pulling out of the triathlon that was days after I sprained my ankle.

Evo is not your traditional rehab facility; it is the place you go when you need results. They hold the recipe for results but the person needs to be willing to put in the work. The treatment can be painful and is based around you activating the proper muscles for your body to function. This Neurological Therapy addresses the neurological origin of physiological symptoms. Trusted by professional athletes, top surgeons, doctors, and those who have tried “everything else”.

Grade II Ankle sprain on Wed 10/3/2012

 I called Charles Maka at Evo right away and he was able to get me in the next morning… Thursday the treatment began. We worked on reducing the inflammation, using electrical stimulation-like device (ARP), range of motion exercises. Each day the exercise became more advanced, initially it was painful but I was willing to do whatever it took to “get better”. The room full of pro athletes (that were relying on this method) provided a confidence boost as well.

My treatment was set to Thursday, Friday, and Saturday… and I was to come back after the race to assure proper recovery.

Race Day

 Race Day

I Woke up Sunday ready for the race, feeling good with almost zero swelling.  And my range of motion felt great and I felt close to 100%. Swim felt good, bike felt good, and run with incline didn’t bother me… I was blown away that I had forgot about my ankle thought the whole race.

Lake Bartlett triathlon 10/7/2012

I continued my rehab and received some education on proper running form as well as a new training protocol new prevent these injuries. Therefore leaving with more confidence in my body and feeling like I got a “new reader’s manual” to performance. With full engagement, there is nothing the mind and body cannot achieve… There are all kinds of system and programs out there. “The system doesn’t fail the person, the person fails the system”

This was the 2nd injury that I have had treated at EvoSport and I cannot recommend them highly enough. My first major injury was a Pec Tear that I was able to avoid surgery by completing a rehab program with this method. I was introduced to them after a friend of mine tore his ACL and had it treated there… this allowed him to avoid surgery. Throughout my history with Evo, I have seen everything from hip issues, acl, pcs, knee, ankle, rotator cuff, back, and even digestive issues improved.

Check them out:


EVO UltraFit5031 East Elliot Road Phoenix, AZ 85044

(480) 797-5639

From their site:

ARP Wave Neurological Therapy is a three part system that incorporates a paradigm shift toward the neurological component of soft tissue rehabilitation. We call this discipline NST or Neurological Soft Tissue medicine. The system is based on the belief that all injury is a direct result of the body’s inability to absorb force. This inability to absorb force is due to an individual’s neurological inability to communicate with muscles fast enough to allow the muscles to absorb force (contract appropriately). ARP Wave Neurological Therapy addresses the neurological origin of physiological symptoms, not the physiological symptoms themselves. The origin of pain or injury is not identified by symptoms, rather, symptoms are simply how an injury manifests itself superficially. ARP Wave Neurological Therapy treats the neurological origin of physiological symptoms, which causes the physiological symptoms to quickly vanish

Finding balance:

The ability to demonstrate the functionality of the nervous system using a series of manual muscle tests. If an individual is seen to be “out of balance” based upon the manual muscle test of an EVO professional, then that individual with be manipulated by the EVO professional to be placed back “in balance”. An individual’s demonstration of being “in balance” is paramount to the successful treatment of injury.

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