Recipe to motivation

Diets don’t work. The motive or “why” is not strong enough to keep us motivated. You need to determine a big enough “why”. You have to understand why you want to do this.

 “We need a plan to raise our standards with a destination, and a map.”

10 Steps to customizing the plan for YOU:

  •  Decide where you want to go. Raise your standards and make the commitment to “Add-in” the rituals that keep progress and momentum for your goal. The stronger your WHY is the easier it will be to decide. Most people haven’t decided that they want anything worth dedicating their life towards.
  • Shift the Mindset from obligation to desire Obligation-based motivation is a common point of entry into fitness. It may be enough to get you in the gym or hire a trainer, but it lacks sustainability. You must develop a desire with measurable steps that you can begin to enjoy. Momentum comes when you find your groove. You’ll start to feel better, and have increased energy. After a while obligation fades and a sense of joy develops.
  •  Desire based motivation is intrinsic and is built on positive rituals, this stage of training frees you from struggling to “get your workout in.” You train because that’s how you approach life.
  •  Build positive rituals  Our lifestyles are created based on our daily habits and rituals. Add-in a positive ritual and there will be less room for a “not so positive ritual”. The more automatic these rituals become, the more effortless our fitness and health goals will be to maintain.
  •  Set goals and review goals Vague goals will provide vague results. Create detailed goals that are challenging and measurable. Ask friends and family to hold you accountable. Set a goal to raise your standards and improve your previous self.
  •  Create a sense of urgency  Attach to a date or an upcoming race – make it a priority. This has worked great for many of my clients, a simple 5k or Mud run can do the job. Side effects to training for an event usually include being in shape.
  •  Fake it until you make it, act as if  Picture your “ideal self”.  Now imagine what kind of habits and lifestyle choices that “ideal self” would perform. Find someone to use as a model or mentor, copycat these rituals and customize them to your daily schedule.
  •  Spend time with positive people also interested in fitness and health As much as you can, surround yourself with supportive people. Make new friends if you need to. The positive influence from other people is incredible. Sign up and try new classes that hold you accountable and can be motivational training wheels.
  •  RSVP to your healthier lifestyle. Take a look at your calendar and schedule your workouts like you schedule meetings. Maybe it takes waking up 30 mins earlier. Big deal! This is your life!
  •  Make a choice Every time you’re making a choice, one choice is the safe/comfortable choice – and one choice is the risky/uncomfortable choice. the risky/uncomfortable choice is the one that will teach you the most and make you grow the most, so that’s the one you should choose.

 Do what you need to turn these positive rituals into a lifestyle.

Being in shape is the easiest way to feel good about yourself and it positively impacts everything. We eat better, sleep better, we perform better in life. Once a person gets that feeling, that buzz, they don’t want to lose it. People want that euphoric feeling and it keeps them motivated to continue.

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