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It’s been an extra productive week for me due to my excess amount of time created from lack of grocery shopping and cooking. I decided to put eating on auto pilot and try out Health Ease meal delivery for the week after sampling a couple days a while back.

Sweet Potato Scramble with calories and health facts

To top it off I had options whether I wanted her signature “Lean Machine” diet focusing on moderate calories and very clean food designed to rev up your metabolism, Paleo that is based on real whole foods eliminating grains and dairy, or vegetarian based. In addition there is custom options as well as a muscle gain program that helps endurance athletes, body builders, and competitive athletes. I am very particular with the quality of my food and somewhat of a control freak.. I mean the type that always tries to add  things to my order when eating out (might as well get it the way you want it).

The quality of the food and food preparation is fresh and a little more health conscious than your typical “grab n go meal” From using more thoughtful ingredients, to cooking and preparing food daily (early the morning of).

All of the meals were delivered to my door by 7AM. The food was fresh with flexible options for drop offs. I liked knowing that my food was made hours before that and not 4 days before!


 So Who is Health Ease (from website)

Co-founded by a busy nutritionist and trainer who understands a busy schedule. Health Ease USA helps busy professionals reach optimal health with PLANNED, PREPARED, & DELIVERED nutrition daily. This allows you to live an easier and healthier lifestyle, while still satisfying your desire for delicious food.


Have you ever thought you’re just too busy to cook and prepare meals ahead of time, then do all the dishes afterwards? Or didn’t have time to think about what your next meal was so you just skipped it or ate something unhealthy? Have you gone to bed without eating dinner because you didn’t go grocery shopping? How about getting takeout or fast food because it was more convenient? Even though you know all of these can have severe and long term effects on your health, it still happens right? Well you’re like millions of others just like me who needed a solution…fast. We’re proud to say that Solution is Health Ease USA. Calorie and portions completely taken care of for you.


in depth 3 week cycle menu of nutrient dense meals and snacks. These programs are fully customized to each individual with a step by step plan included. The meals are prepared and delivered to your door daily, and you’ll also receive nutrition consulting  as well. This takes the tedious weekly shopping, cooking and cleaning right out of your schedule. Not to mention all the years it takes to learn this information and apply it correctly. When you allow Health Ease USA into your life, you’re allowing your body the amazing increase in energy it deserves, along with productivity and peak results in personal and physical health.

Whether you need a jump-start to diet structure, convenience of meals delivered or healthy gluten free meals there is an option for you. With pricing as low as $37 per day or $200.00 per week there are plenty of options including discounts for month programs. With Dietician and nutrition services available as well

I decided to go with the Paleo meal plan that included more healthy fats and no grains or gluten! My favorites included the Thai chicken salad with bean sprouts, gluten free muffins (with 15grams of protein!), salmon, and sweet potato egg scramble. Most of the dishes were super fresh and hard to believe that they were healthy..

Sample dishes:

Glazed Salmon and Asparagus

Pumpkin Muffins – chocolate muffins, blueberry, etc.. (High in protein and low in junk)

  • Gluten Free Protein Pumpkin Pancakes with Sugar Free Syrup
  • Spicy Turkey Burger with baked sweet potato French fries
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bar

Drop off and delivery available all over the valley. Pick up locations available as well. Check out their menu and plans online

Contact Health Ease at:



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2 thoughts on “Health Ease Nutrition and Meal Delivery Review

  • Jenton

    I wonder if you can put your meals on dry ice and ship them to me? If you can, please let me know at the address above? I have a friend who works out with Jason Sani and others. I just do not have time to cook for myself and I really need this service.

    Jenton Tucker

    • Jason Sani Post author

      Hey Jenton,

      Thank you for your interest. Shipping is not currently available.. I’d suggest Something like Blueprint cleanse or thrive foods direct. Otherwise check out recipes under the recipe section – There is a Power bowl program that allows you to make meals ahead of time. That or buy bulk from a whole foods or similar market. Email me if you have any more questions!