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Juice. It’s what’s for dinner, and breakfast, and lunch… and I’ll probably have some juicy snacks. Why would you want this much juice? Juicing floods your body with nutrients, think of it as the best multi-vitamin that you could ever take. Or just a healthy reset button.

Juicecore hooked me up with a cleanse and I’ll take you through my experience…

Before jumping into a juice cleanse or juicing program, here’s a little background.

 “Juicing is the best self-insurance I can think of”

This is not meant to be a substitute to eating well… Yet covering your bases if you are not getting the required essential vitamins and nutrients for your body to perform and function at an optimal level.

Some great facts about juicing:

Juicing can help increase the satiety experience. Satiety is defined as desire to limit further food intake, as after completing a satisfying meal. The feeling of fullness caused by distention of the stomach can stop further eating. THIS IS  GOOD THING as many of us eat carelessly and neglect to listen to our bodies. Our hunger signals work off of nutrients, not calories and volume!

Too busy to juice?  It’s worth the time.. If you really don’t have the time, make the time. Or have someone else juice for you and get it delivered.

It can be daunting trying to get your nine servings of produce a day. Juicing makes it easy. If you can’t stand the taste of broccoli, kale or spinach the solution could be juicing — taking fruits and veggies and turning them into a fresh-squeezed drink that gives you all the nutrition without torturing your taste buds. Everyone can benefit from drinking their fruits and veggies. “The nutrients are very bio-available for the body. They are easily absorbed into the blood stream and it’s like a quick jolt to your cells

How is the taste?

It’s different… but you get use to it. After a while you crave the fresh nutrients that are nourishing every cell in your body with lifeforce and energy!

Still not convinced?

Medical studies done at Cornell, UCLA and Stanford show people who juice have marked improvements in immunity, digestion, allergies and some chronic illnesses.

Mental Clarity

One’s mind becomes clearer and one’s ability to solve problems enhances. This is because instead of large amounts of blood and nervous energies being sent to the digestive organs to break down a meal, that extra blood, oxygen, and energy is sent and utilized by the brain.

Skin and beauty

Skin health starts from the inside out at the cellular level. The biggest skin issues are usually due to poor hormone health, kidney, and liver function. When our kidneys are overworked, skin becomes your 3rd kidney and most commonly show in acne. Loading your body with vitamins like beta carotene give you that glow keeping skin moisturized. Try juicing for a couple of days and tell me you don’t notice!!!

Difference of fasting  vs feasting

Fasting or cleansing might not be your thing. I am an advocate on juicing the most efficient and effective way… where as a cleanse is juice only, this should be temporary. Cleanses give you a break to clean up the mess that you have created over time. We need nutrients and minerals from a variety of food therefore more than 5 days is not always the best move. A juice feast is what I do on a daily basis; I flood my body with nutrients for convenience and knowing that I may not get the opportunity to eat my vegetable servings throughout the day.


Your  Kidneys and liver are working full time fighting off garbage, waste and toxins… mostly the “factory food” that we consume. By giving your digestive and defense system a break, you free up blood flow and energy for your body to rid itself of toxins.

Extra Energy and Time

Energy is increased due to extra blood flow to the rest of your body, the digestive system can require up to 70% of your bodies energy! That’s why I always preach “easy in easy out”. Less time preparing food and waiting in lines.. gives you more time to focus in on productivity!

 Seasonal fruits and vegetables – benefits

Juicecore focuses on using seasonal foods that are thriving in the environment. When we eat what is groing and health in season, our bodies learn to adapt better preventing allergies and sustaining extra energy. And our immune systems love this!

My Experience

The juice (six 16oz bottles) was delivered to my door in the afternoon and I cleared out my following day to prepare. I ended up not needing to prepare for much, my first drink was Mother Earth (a little of everything – kale, apple, fennel, ginger, parsley and spinach!), it was actually pretty refreshing.. I am used to a similar blend so I was ready for it. From there things got fruity with a grapefruit and orange tasting drink, then my favorite Skinny Genes (metabolism booster with a kick). I drank water in between and stayed busy… My energy was good and I felt like I had a lighter sense of a feeling. I didn’t miss chewing as much as I thought.

I continued to drink a lot of water throughout the day as suggested (this also helps with ridding the body of toxins). I probably went to the bathroom over 10 times.  Things got hardcore with “not for sissies” drink… I aint no sissie so this didn’t faze me. From there it was smooth sailing. By the end of the day I felt like my senses were a little more engaged and felt better clarity. I have heard that day 2 can be a little more difficult… the longer you juice the more cleaning your body can do so I will have to be a little more ambitious next time.

 Here was my favorite drink and everything that was juiced to create it

Contact me or Juicecore for more information

Delivering all over the Phoenix valley (Scottsdale, Tempe, Phoenix, Chandler) They are also available at downtown Phoenix market on Saturdays as well as Old town Scottsdale during it’s season.


“I JUICE BECAUSE… I want to optimize my mind and body. Why do you juice?”

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