OrangeTheory Fitness Review – Highway to the Orange Zone

Treadmill intervals, TRX suspension straps, kettlebells, indo rower, medicine ball, flexibility, functional training, and 5 zone heart rate based training… Sums up the organized chaos that goes on inside the action packed studios at OrangeTheory Fitness. Growing nationwide and now in Canada, OTF gyms are catching on quick as a science based training & fat loss program.

I had heard some people talking about this new orange gym that offered a great workout … I had to take a look for myself. First class was a free session so I grabbed a buddy, strapped up a wireless heart rate monitor and stepped into the studio. Before the class we were told that the class is based off of  5 Zone heart rate training. The key is to get the heart rate to at least 85 percent of the maximum “Orange zone” (where talking requires effort). Instructors monitor students to make sure they reach that level. That triggers what is called “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption,” which speeds up a person’s metabolism for the whole day.

Beginning on the treadmill, we warmed up and were directed to find a challenging base pace that was customized to our heart rate and fitness level. Over the next 26 minutes we went through coached intervals at increased speeds and inclines from 1-2 minutes each. After the treadmill block we were on to the second half of class mixed up of Rower intervals, circuit training, and TRX suspension straps. Just as my legs were completely exhausted we moved onto upper body and exhausted everything there… then back to the rower to throw some fuel on the fire. After 60 minutes, I had worked every muscle in the body (which is the way that each custom class is designed), I was covered in sweat and based on my heart rate I had burned off some fat for the next day…


“The heart rate has to rise to … get the afterburn for the whole day,” Ellen Latham, the creator says. “Think of it as coals in a grill, and if you get the coals white-hot, it takes them a long time for them to cool off.

“That’s what we do, we get the coals white-hot.”

Classes are limited to 24 people, with 12 starting out on treadmills and the other 12 using rowing machines, dumbbells, medicine balls and elastic bands.

Overall it was a high energy class that challenged everyone in the room no matter what their fitness level was. In my opinion the workout shares similarities to CrossFit, classes are split in group and giving variations of timed intervals or sets to complete. I don’t think these workouts are quite as extreme as a CrossFit class and the studios are much smaller, regardless a great workout that ties scientifically proven concepts to push your body to do its best.

All of the studios offer 4-6 Week weight loss challenges over the year with cash prizes of up to $3,000.. I f you need a little extra motivation to get back in shape. The average contestant loses 25lbs and past participants have lost as much as 48lbs in 6 Weeks!

Look up a local OrangeTheory in your area and give it a try!

I did my review at Scottsdale location:

7000 E Mayo Blvd. Bldg 1, Suite 1016
Phoenix, AZ  85054

Example of an Orange transformation

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