Primal Training at AmenZone

Let’s get primal! Follow me through an Amenzone primal training class; a high energy nitty-gritty workout using body-weight, tires, pull-up bars, and intensity.  Located right outside your comfort zone in Scottsdale, Amenzone is like no other gym I have ever experienced. One hour of pure energy utilizing a “back to the basics” style of training, says owner Amen Iseghoi. Once you step into the gym, the vanity and chitter-chatter is replaced with an inspiring and perspiring energy full of comradery and will power. This popular training approach has been growing rapidly over the last few years and gaining global attention. From professional elite athletes to working moms and business executives, Amenzone is a No-BS results driven training destination. The organized chaos of Primal training comes from the roots of the formal Professional Rugby player’s backyard. As a child Amen learned to build his strength with the tools around him, one of these tools being a simple tire. He has done a great example teaching people that it doesn’t take a lot of money and fancy gym equipment to make a big difference.

The difference doesn’t end in the gym or with physical results… The mental element and guide to your potential for a better cause are just a couple of the many bi-products of this training. From gathering 100+ people for a Lululemon partnership to making an impact on the knowledge and epidemic of child hood obesity, Amen stays busy spreading the energy.

It’s difficult to compare the class to anything else, a true test to your will power. When you feel like putting your head down or giving up you are getting motivated by fellow class mates and the coaches in class. The class is designed for anyone wanting to get the best out of their bodies, you noticed everyone pushing themselves even the elite athletes were raising their bar. Leaving the class with an inspirational message and a euphoric feeling you are ready for your next challenge. Whether you are looking for a challenge to spice up your current training program, preparing for a sport or performance, or trying to shed some extra weight come see what all of the hype is about. Offering classes all through the week, boxing conditioning classes, nutrition, lessons, and personal training Amenzone is spreading and coming to a hood near you!

Check out more at:

8350 E Evans Rd
Ste D-5
Scottsdale, AZ 85260


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