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So one day I was doing some surfing on the web, looking for some Emerson quotes for a little creative inspiration.. In the midst of my tasty web-surf sesh I stumbled upon something that would come to change my life. I found myself on a site called Philosopher notes… I thought,  “this sounds interesting”, I browsed around a little bit and my first impression was that it was a site for clif notes but not regular clif notes for the books that I needed summaries  to prevent me from actually studying (of course I had much better things to be doing) This was for all of the books that I had seen on shelves of friend’s, family, teachers, and mentors. Everything from great wisdom and philosophy books, to business, and self development books… And even health and fitness material! I was curious to snoop around a little more, what started with a sample read of one of the “big idea’s” had turned into a jackpot! I couldn’t stop reading.. and reading.. and reading. All of this info coming from a man with so much integrity and passion, Brian Johnson… this guy ROCKS!! I was blown away that he was willing to give all of this awesome material awayin a scholarship program for free to those having a tough time. Big props to Brian for living and leading with an awesome purpose and empowering others!!

loves wisdom. He also loves creating cool businesses
that inspire and empower peeps to create their most
authentically awesome lives.


Fast forward about 2 years…

This journey with Philosopher notes has been one of the most eye opening experiences of my life and I feel it is almost a crime to not share this juicy wisdom.. so here it is:

Get your wisdom on, rock your greatest life.

Living your most authentic, extraordinary life doesn’t involve fancy degrees or winning the lottery. What you do need though is applicable wisdom. And that’s you get with PhilosophersNotes.

Just for a second, imagine what your life would be like if you absorbed the greatest and most powerful teachings from the best teachers in the world from the beginning of time. What would your life be like? You’d be a better person, a better parent, lover, entrepreneur, a happier being, a peaceful warrior. You’d be a force for change in your life and for the world. From wisdom and philosophy to health and longevity… it’s all here!

There are no secrets!

Let’s kick this party off by getting really clear on something: Optimal Living is NOT about the latest tips and tricks to help you get rich/enlightened/whatever quick. And we’re definitely not going to talk about any “Secrets” that’ll manifest shiny toys at your command.

Fact is, all the wisdom we need is already out there (and within us). The only question is: Is now a good time to start living it?
In this book we’re gonna have fun tapping into the mojo of everyone from old-school rock stars to the modern positive psychologists.
Guess what they all say?
They tell us that creating a life filled with true meaning, joy, love, appreciation, creativity, wisdom, kindness, generosity, hope, optimism, energy, enthusiasm and all that goodness is about VIRTUE and INTEGRITY. We’ve gotta diligently, patiently, persistently and (very importantly!) playfully embody our truths and rock our fundamentals so that what we say is important to us aligns with who we are and how we show up in the world.


So what do all of these books have in common??

Brian Johnson’s observation and conclusion:

From what I can see, the essence of Optimal Living comes down to these 10 Principles:

1. Optimism. If we can’t tame that crazy, drunk monkey in our mind and shape the contents of our

consciousness, nothing else matters. Period.


2. Purpose. What inspires you? What’s your dharma? Your purpose? Your highest calling? Living an authentically awesome life requires creating an empowering vision and keeping your eye on your

Highest Goal without losing yourself on a manic Holy Grail chase.


3. Self-Awareness –  We’ve gotta know ourselves. How well do you know thyself ?


4. Goals – Whether it’s meditating first thing tomorrow morning or starting your business (or family or

painting or…), we’ve gotta have goals that inspire us.


5. Action – Are you just doing it or just talking about it?


6. Energy. We’re gonna have a hard time reaching our potential if we have a hard time getting out of bed or getting out of debt. Are you honoring the simple fundamentals of nutrition/exercise/rejuvenation/money?


7. Wisdom. Wisdom is all about approaching life as our classroom and looking at every moment as

another opportunity to live our ideals.


8. Courage. The word comes from the Latin word for “heart.” It’s the virtue that pumps blood to all the

other virtues. Without it, none of this other stuff matters. How’s your courage pumping?


9. Love. Love, love, love. How’re your relationships? Are you studying love like you’d study a sport or a musical instrument or a language you want to master?


10.en*theos. God/Spirit/The Universe. Whatever you call the Force that beats our hearts and keeps

the planets in line, it’s the center and circumference of everything. Connecting to it is a good idea. You

plugged in?

Check out the site and dig in… 30 minutes a day could have a huge impact! I promise you’ll love it!

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