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Vitamineral green from Healthforce Nutritionals

The day doesn’t feel right without a healthy dose of the greens. My magical green potion… This green goodness is legit. I feel confident to say that it is a must have in every kitchen cupboard, it should probably be packed with you for travels as well. I drink it plain in a shaker, mix it in smoothies, and sprinkle it on salads for an extra boost. I heard enough reviews from trusted sources to give it a shot and I am glad that I did. A quick mix is the perfect breakfast jumpstart that I need to hold off cravings and keep consistent energy sustained.


Even my my dude Jason Mraz (the 2nd coolest Jason) claims that he doesn’t travel without it. Mr Mraz says that it prevents him from crashing and keeps him more grounded and energized through his day.

Getting your vitamins and minerals the natural way while purifying and cleansing your body with Vitamineral Green! A raw, organic, whole green food powder that very well may be the most comprehensive superfood product ever offered. Loaded with nutrient-dense ingredients like barley and wheat grass, alfalfa, kamut grass, green vegetables, algaes, sea vegetables and enzymes, you’ll feel the energizing and cleansing effects of this incredible supplement immediately. Totally non-toxic, exceptionally absorbable, and truly effective. Simply add 1-3 tablespoons to juice or water and shake to dissolve.

Packed with high quality nutrient dense vitamins and minerals from the land and waters.. providing you with a little protein kick, digestive enzymes, and probiotics. Vitamineral Green has been around for years and strives to improve with highest quality products and true integrity year after year.. It was designed to be the most nutrient dense and comprehensive superfood product ever offered. Vitamineral Green contains a full spectrum of naturally occurring, absorbable and non-toxic vitamins, minerals (including calcium) and trace minerals (including naturally colloidal and better). It doesnt contain any synthetic or isolated nutrients. Supports healthy bones, regular bowel movements, cleanses and nourishes the blood, colon, liver and kidneys, plus more!

Keeps me feeling super, lots of energy and great mood.. holds off sweet cravings and general hunger pains.. One product that you can actually FEEL the difference!

Healthforce just added a capsule form if you can’t do the healthy-ness taste. Check out their super informative site for more info and a giant helping of other natural healthy knowledge and wisdom.



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