No better time to get a jump start on your health and where better to start than your local Farmers Market? Let me show you how you can save a ton of time & money while making tasty & nutritious meals for less than $3/meal. After working with 1,000’s of […]

Healthy Living for Less – How to Shop for an ...

Yes, you can train your taste buds. I hacked myself into hyping up healthier food. You should too, it’s worth it. Here’s some background; I’m a picky kid that loses attention if I don’t love something. Maybe you can relate? This journey led me into writing a book about this […]

5 steps to loving food that loves you back. Inside ...

Wondering what your favorite man wants for a gift or tired of gifting items that never get used? As an ambassador of health and wellness, I am often the plug for gift ideas. This year I teamed up with Sprouts Farmers Market to pick out my own gift basket this […]

Christmas Gift Idea for the Active Man

Some of the things we love most can make us healthier and stronger! Flavor insurance is about using the flavors that we crave and love in order to enjoy more of the foods that we need. Amplify the flavor of your food and you will open up a whole new […]

Flavor Assurance for Health insurance

What’s stopping you from cooking meals that you love? Some days we just don’t have enough time. You don’t have the ingredients that you need. You haven’t developed cooking skills… Heating up a meal in a microwave is sometimes a stretch. Confusion or overwhelm when it comes to what to […]

Making Healthy Taste Good – Guide and Book available

Ever see a recipe and think, “that looks nice but I don’t where to start”? I know that I sure have. Over the last 10 years, I’ve had a fascination with upgrading the recipes that look delicious. Upgrading to me means keeping the delicious but using the best quality ingredients […]

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