Have your cake and eat it too.. Have Pizza while you are at it. Have some abs too. Gluten-free with a dairy-free option if you want to cut the cheese. “My quest with nutrition is about using the best quality ingredients that support satisfaction, long term health, and body composition. […]

Low Carb Pizza

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The following 6 items make my job easier and increase the pleasure factor while supporting quality energy. Here they are along with how I use them: Paleo Wraps   Gluten free wraps made from coconut with simple ingredients and no carbs. Taste is neutral but satisfying. How to use: Wrap […]

Top 6 Essentials for September

Growing up, I was the pickiest kid  (or most particular) around. Things changed when my lack of size and development were creating an obstacle in achieving my dreams of playing professional sports. Thankfully for me, at an early age I was exposed to some health professionals that provided me with the right resources […]

Kid-friendly snacks. Upgrading your kids lunch

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In the quest to optimize our life, using supplements can act as a shortcut toward our goals. Pop a pill, get some extra superpowers. Sounds easy, but does it really work? While they are certainly no replacement for a healthy diet, I truly believe that when used properly, some supplements/extracts […]

3 Supplements to Manage Stress and Improve Energy

Weight gain is about fat stored…Equally, weight loss is about fat lost, not about putting fewer calories in. That being said, it makes sense to become a more efficient “Fat Burner” rather than a “sugar burner”.  Carbohydrates are not bad, your body can utilize this form of sugar very easy […]

Why your healthy food is turning into fat

We are in the middle of an Energy epidemic, it’s obvious with the rapid growth of Coffee Shops and Energy drinks in every direction that you look.  Why do some people have more energy than others? Are they born with it, or are there “high energy habits”? Enter “Energy Management” […]

5 Tips for sustained Energy (with recipes)

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IIFYM (if it it fits your macros) is a craze that is leading people to glorify food that makes people less healthy. This is a major disservice to the fitness and health industry. Can it make you looked “jacked”? Yes. Short term performance and recovery through glycogen replenishment? Yes.  IFYM […]

Eating based on your demand. My beef with IIFYM from ...

15  Healthy Habits to Try Getting healthier is all about adding habits to your diet! Try any or all of these 15 strategies below: Lemon water changes the game. Dehydration may be a factor in low energy, which could then lead to a craving for quick energy found in sweets. Fill […]

15 Healthy Habits to Try

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Get your positive habits going like dominoes in the AM. This has been a routine of mine for more than 6 years… I’ve fine tuned a few thangs over the years. You need to detoxify your liver because a stressed liver cannot metabolize fat effectively and which gets deposited around […]

Morning Routine

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I’m addicted to my latest discovery… The variations and possibilities are once again deliciously endless. Healthy Treat that keeps the body in fat burning mode. These low sugar snacks are gluten free and dairy free. What’s so special about coconut oil? When MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) are absorbed into the blood stream, […]

Fat Burning MCT Bites